Are your pets protected?

A reminder that paralysis ticks are around and to ensure your pets are on prevention. In October, sixteen Vet MD patients have been treated for tick paralysis!

Tick prevention starts from as little as $20 a month which is almost nothing compared to the cost of treating your animal for tick paralysis which is upwards of $1000. If left untreated, tick paralysis can lead to death!

There are many different products on the market to prevent tick paralysis including Bravecto and Nexguard just to name a few. Bravecto also make Bravecto for cats which has been a game changer as up until now there weren't many options for cats. Cats cannot use the same products as dogs so please be aware that treating a cat with a dog product can make them extremely ill.

Common symptoms your pet may exhibit when suffering from tick paralysis include a wobbly gait (weak legs), lethargy, a retching throat clearing cough, increased and laboured breathing and inappetence. If your pet shows any of these signs, do not wait to seek veterinary advice as delayed treatment can seriously impact your pets chances of recovery.

If you have any questions about tick paralysis signs or you would like to start your pet on prevention, please contact us on 3482 4508 or pop into the clinic. If you have found a tick on your pet, please contact us to arrange a visit ASAP (or visit the Pet Emergency North Lakes or BVECCS Albany Creek).