Arnold's big day at VetMD

Arnold the goldfish

It’s not every day you admit a goldfish for surgery! Introducing Arnold, one of our smallest patients to date! Arnold is a three-year-old goldfish from an outdoor pond that had a huge tumour growing on his operculum (gill cover). Weighing in at a whopping 20 grams, Arnold is not actually the smallest patient that Dr Liam Flanagan has anaesthetised during his career as an exotics veterinarian.

Flushing Arnold’s gills with water

Arnold was anaesthetised using the same anaesthetic that we routinely use for cats and dogs. The Alfaxan anaesthetic was added to Arnold’s tank water and he drifted off to sleep. Once his anaesthetic had taken affect, Dr Liam removed the tumour.

Ready to start the procedure

Removing the tumour was not as easy as it sounds, as Arnold had to be partially removed from the water to enable Dr Liam to excise the tumour. This meant that the assisting nurse was constantly pushing water through Arnold’s gills with a large syringe to keep him oxygenated.

Removing the tumour

We are happy to report that his surgery was a success and he is recovering well. After spending five days in a hospital tank on medication, he was released back into his community pond. We hope Arnold lives a long and happy life after his big day at VetMD. We are so happy we were able to help even the smallest of patients.