Helping your dog with storm phobia

Thunderstorm phobia, also called fear of thunderstorms or storm phobia, is a common issue in dogs. While the body’s response to fearful stimuli such as loud thunder is a normal way of protecting itself, the unnecessary stress on your pet for such common and natural occurrences can lead to a lot of problems. Common signs of thunderstorm phobia include hiding, shaking, crying or whining, excessive licking, soiling or urinating in the house, pacing, panting, drooling, restlessness, trying to escape into or out of the house/pen, or looking to a pet owner for comfort by pawing the owner, nuzzling, or whimpering.

What causes a storm phobia?
Phobias are exaggerated irrational responses to something, whether or not they actually caused harm to the individual. They develop from fears, which might have a potential survival benefit (e.g. it is good to fear snakes). They can often be triggered by something innocuous, e.g. with storm phobias, it can be a change in barometric pressure, or gusts of leaves being blown around as the storm approaches, or small rain showers.

What can I do to help my pet?
Helping your dog deal with storm phobia can require multiple methods of treatment. Always discuss your concerns with your veterinarian first so that they can help you make a plan specific to your pet. These phobias can be difficult to deal with, but you can provide some help and comfort to your pet.

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