Meet Poppy

Meet Poppy, a bright and bouncy 6-year-old Boxer.  Among her other preventative treatments, Poppy visits us annually for a Grade 1 dental procedure (an examination, de-scaling and polishing treatment), that her mum gets free of charge because Poppy is a member of the Best for Pet program. At Poppy’s admission appointment, her mum commented that Poppy had been a little less active lately. This could be caused by something as simple as their recent house move, or something more sinister going on inside. As part of the Best for Pet program, Poppy also gets a free Preventative Health Screening, which includes a blood and urine test. These tests revealed nothing out of the ordinary, so we proceeded with Poppy’s dental procedure.  

Once anaesthetised, we discovered an area behind one of Poppy’s top molars, which warranted more investigation. A quick dental x-ray revealed that the molar had been damaged somehow and there was an exposed root – which can be a very painful condition! We examined and cleaned up the rest of the mouth then went to work extracting the stubborn molar, with an additional nerve block in place to ensure Poppy didn’t feel a thing. 

Poppy woke up perfectly from her procedure and went home that evening with instructions for a strict diet of delicious roast chicken and soggy kibble for a few days, while the sutured site healed. At Poppy’s recheck appointment, her mum raved to us about the positive change in Poppy since having the troublesome tooth removed. Despite not having any mouth-specific symptoms, dental disease and damage can heavily impact a pet’s comfort and happiness. Book in for your free dental check this week, to see how we can help your pet get back to being bright and bouncy too.