Tips for keeping your pet warm this winter

The cooler months have well and truly arrived. There is nothing better than getting home, putting on your favourite cosy clothes and sipping on a hot chocolate, but what about your fur babies? We have compiled some of our favourite tips for keeping your pet warm this winter.

Provide them with blankets and cosy comfort

If your pet sleeps outside, make sure they have sufficient shelter with plenty of blankets for them to snuggle into. If your pet is inside, make sure they have a soft bed with blankets or areas to hide under. Make sure to wash and air bedding and blankets out regularly to keep them clean.

Give them shelter to protect them from the elements

Even if your pet sleeps inside, it is a good idea for them to have some form of shelter outside. Just in case they get stuck in rain or wind when they are exploring outside. It is a good idea to have a shelter that is insulated, water and windproof. A shelter that is raised from the ground prevents moisture and cold air creeping in.

Layer them up

Depending on the breed of cat or dog you own, it may be necessary to dress your pet in jumpers or jackets. There are many options around, that cater for animals of all sizes. A waterproof jacket is a great idea for a dog that needs to be outside and active a lot. It is important to keep in mind your pet’s natural coat and to keep track of the weather to make sure your pet doesn’t overheat.

Keep active

Exercise is important during all times of the year, even on a cold winters day when the fire at home is oh so warm. Exercise keeps your pet’s blood pumping and warm. If you have shortened the time of walks make sure to play games inside as well. If your dog gets muddy out for a walk, make sure to clean and dry them afterwards to keep them warm.

Finally, give your pet lots of love because, why not? Your pet’s normal body temperature is higher than the average humans, this gives plenty of reason to snuggle up during the winter months.