Cancellation/No Show Policy

At Murrumba Downs Vet we are committed to providing a high level of care, comfort and personal service for all our patients.

As part of this commitment, in order to ensure smooth running of the practice as well as availability of appointments, we ask all patients to advise us if they are unable to make their appointments or require an appointment to be changed within 2 hours of the scheduled time.

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COVID Update July

Due to today’s government announcement, our clinic is returning to contactless protocols from 4pm

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COVID-19 Clinic Update

Our clinic has now implemented contactless protocols until further notice

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Easter Trading Hours

Maintaining a healthy weight for your dog

When we think about keeping our pets healthy, we often think about exercise and a healthy diet. Although many of us do not intend to overfeed our pets sometimes, we spoil them with treats which can lead to obesity. Our good intentions and love can lead to over feeding which can, in turn, reduce their years here with us.

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Win A Royal Canin Diet for your Pet

It's important that your pets maintain a healthy weight. A healthy weight can help them live a longer and happier life, delay the onset of some diseases, and improve their activity levels.

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The Dangers of Heat Stress

Diet essentials for your new puppy or kitten

We've seen a huge increase in the number of new puppies and kittens being welcomed into families this year. With good nutrition being one of the most important factors in ensuring your furry family member grows up healthy and strong.

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Pets of Christmas Competition

We understand that our pets are a huge part of our family, so we want to see how they will be celebrating Christmas!

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Holiday Trading Hours

A list of our trading hours over the holiday season this year.

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